Communicating value through design.

     Design / UX / Mobile / Web / Animation

Communicating Value Through All Channels

Bio-Rad is an innovator in a competitive space. They need communication that stands out, and clearly communicates the value of their products to a sophisticated audience.

Bio-Rad calls on Rival Schools when they need something extra. From print to video, Web to apps, we’ve worked with Bio-Rad to deploy projects across the media spectrum.

Bio-Rad is an innovative company. A great example of this is their NGC Chromatography System, a market disruptor in the making. The NGC is more customizable, more flexible, and more capable than anything the market has seen to date.

When Bio-Rad asked Rival Schools to help them launch the product we designed and built a sales tool that is just as flexible, and just as impressive. Featuring a glossy feature walk-through, and an augmented reality product configurator, the experience is as practical as it is cool.

These projects are the ‘why’ of Rival Schools, seamlessly combining animation, video, interactive design, and development.

Producers: Terry Dee, Neil McBean
Animation Direction: Neil McBean, Malcolm Overend
Storyboards: Neil McBean, Roy Husada
Modelling: Betty Kwong
Animation: Neil McBean, Malcolm Overend, David Lam

Design Direction: Neil McBean, Roy Husada, Terry Dee
UX: Neil McBean, Cam Lee, Terry Dee
Designers: Devon Drumm

Technology Director: Alfredo Chu
Web Developers: Cam Lee, Jaden Nyberg, Frederik Brummer
Mobile Developers: Sunny Purewal, David Nelson
Unity Developers: Malcolm Overend, Philip Pierce