A New Storyworld.

   Story / Script / UX / Character Design / Animation / Sound

Presenting a new storyworld created by the folks at Rival Schools.

Bramble Berry Tales is a series of interactive children’s stories published on the iOS App Store and Android marketplace. Set in modern times, the series follows a brother and sister, Thomas and Lily and their whimsical encounters with characters that originate from Indigenous oral history.

Bramble Berry Tales is a children’s series of interactive stories published on the iOS App Store and Android marketplace. Set in modern days, the series follows brother and sister, Thomas and Lily and their whimsical encounters with characters that originate from the folklore of the Indigenous people of the land.

Part adventure story, part history lesson, each story mixes myth with animation in order to effectively capture and preserve several of key oral histories from the aboriginal inhabitants of Canada’s west coast. Each story, contains an underlying lesson that teach children about courage, compassion and respect. The stories utilize a variety of techniques including 3D animation, illustration, parallax movements, and interactive touch points.

Bramble Berry Tales has been incredibly well received through our first app release on iTunes and has been featured as Editor’s Choice by Apple in 25 countries around the world.

View the Bramble Berry Tales press kit here.

Producer: David Lam
Modelling:David Cho, Betty Kwong
Shading/Lighting: Neil McBean, Malcolm Overend
Rigging: Malcolm Overend

Art Direction: Betty Kwong, Roy Husada
Layout: Malcolm Overend, Betty Kwong

Technology Director: Alfredo Chu

“…You’re in for a wonderful treat unlike anything you’ve seen on iOS, or on any mobile platform for that matter.”


“I’ve longed wanted to see tales from our First Nations people brought to life like this and so hope it’s only the beginning.”