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Rethink Fusion

Vancouver start-up General Fusion needed a way to communicate their mind-blowing ideas to a broader audience. From prospective investors, potential strategic partners, government reps, potential employees, the media, and even the public at large.

Part of our work has been to design media for General Fusion’s TED Talk (March 18, 2014). Relying on our in-house motion graphics department, we created a compelling visual narrative. A narrative that reminds us that human history is rich with stories of overcoming huge technological obstacles… Something that General Fusion is currently in the process of doing. Their goal is to “Rethink Fusion”.

At Rival Schools we’re helping General Fusion bring their ideas forward by developing their digital presence, and building an engaging brand that carries through all of their communications.

Producer: Terry Dee
Animation Direction:  Malcolm Overend, David Lam
Storyboards: Terry Dee, Malcolm Overend
Animation: Neil McBean, Malcolm Overend, David Lam

Design Direction: Terry Dee