Design / Game Development

Campfire Tales

We worked with Knowledge to enhance and extend the Knowledge Kids brand in the digital space. Through content-rich storytelling and interactivity, the results stay true to their core values of fun and learning.

Knowledge:Kids had more in mind for their characters Luna, Inkie, and Chip. The three were always present in interstitials during the popular kids programming slots. Now they wanted to extend their reach into the digital space.

We started with the experience first. To make the whole thing work we needed something that would keep parents and kids happy, and that means fun and educational.

From interactive stories to educational games we produced a series of light, colourful projects that keep kids coming back to the Knowledge: Kids site. It’s a hit with kids and parents, and a good model for brands looking to engage online.

The Knowledge Kids project was an ambitious undertaking in the sense that there was not enough substantial information about Chip, Luna and Inkie prior to our involvement. We were not just executing web games, we were shaping an evolved extension of the K:Kids station brand characters which required careful planning and a lot of care. Afterall, our audience, the kids, deserve the best!

Roy Husada, Creative Director