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MotoACTV Launch Site

When you’re working with a company that was part of the moon landing, the brand is on your side.

The launch of the MotoACTV needed a site that could walk new customers through the advantage of wearable tech. Long before everyone else was making wearables, Motorola was breaking the ground for them with the MotoACTV.

MotoACTV was a personal trainer on your wrist. Part fitness guru, part workout buddy, it helped users keep their goals on track. The front-end tied in to a database that tracked your progress, compared your results against others, and smartly gamified the experience into a complete answer for tech in fitness.

From design to execution we helped Motorola build the launch site, working closely with stakeholders to make sure the product site lived up to product launch. After all, this was the first place people were headed to learn about the MotoACTV.

Producer: David Lam
Design: Roy Husada

Technology Director: Alfredo Chu
Development: Cam Lee

The real challenge behind this site was the speed of iteration. We turned around new versions almost every day in the weeks leading up to the launch.

– Roy Husada, Creative Director