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MICroscope Web Experience

If Blade Runner and the Rocky Horror Picture Show fathered a love child, this would be its website. Acknowledged for its excellence (and strangeness) this online experience was recognized with an FWA.

The interactive music video website for rapper Riz MC’s new album ‘MICroscope’ has been acknowledged for its excellence (and strangeness). It’s a compelling, narrative-driven experience designed to fit tightly with the RIZ MC live show.

Matching the album’s stage show – which revolves around a live, interactive, sci-fi music experience – in the UK, Riz MC (also known as actor Riz Ahmed) launched the site to allow visitors to download free album tracks as they are exposed to cryptic pieces of narrative, allowing them to get a flavour of the live show if they haven’t attended, and to continue their involvement in the story world if they have.

Ahmed welcomed the FWA accolade: “I think it’s important for independent artists to be innovative and take risks, rather than to try and emulate mainstream artists in our music or how we showcase it. Too often underground just means ‘haven’t blown up yet’ as opposed to an ethos of trying to be subversive in how you create and present stuff. ”

To deliver the engaging story and bring RizMC’s concept to life we designed sets and sequences that gave depth to the dystopian world depicted in the site.

The feeling for the user is at first jarring and unfamiliar. They are thrown into a futuristic space that’s as plausible as it is uncomfortable.

Design Lead: Roy Husada

3D Lead: Neil McBean

Motion: David Lam

Developer: Alfredo Chu

There are easier ways to build a fan base than to build an insane transmedia story world with an immersive live show and full-on web-game, but this struck me as something that hadn’t been done before, and I’m glad all our hard work, and the insanely talented people at Swarm Entertainment and Rival Schools are getting recognized for this.

– Riz Ahmed, Actor & Rapper