Get Knox.

   Design / Film & Animation

Knox Release Videos

Samsung Knox balances work and play, while keeping everything secure. Rival Schools helped communicate the value of Knox to a global audience still looking for a truly secure mobile platform.

Samsung Knox is an important part of the Samsung mobile strategy. It secures the Android operating system, gives management control to IT departments, and allows users to get the most out of their devices for work and play.

This is no easy balancing act, and we’ve all seen platforms try and fail to achieve status as the best of both worlds. Samsung has put tremendous effort into the Knox solution, and Rival Schools was tasked with helping to communicate the value of Knox to potential customers.

When we do this sort of work we lead with style, and quickly follow up with substance. We gave the videos a fresh look, with zippy animation and a low-poly aesthetic. It’s easy on the eyes, and it’s easy to take in, giving the audience the information they need to make the right decision – get Knox.

    Producer: David Lam, Malcolm Overend
    Designer: Mario Forero
    Animation: Malcolm Overend, Mario Forero
    Editorial: David Lam