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   UX / Design / Web / Mobile / Animation

Innovation in Solar, and in Marketing

Unirac is at the forefront of the new energy future. They don’t design the panels, they design and build the racking systems that hold it all together. In that business it’s all about speed and durability, and to communicate that strength Unirac turns to Rival Schools.

Our relationship with Unirac started small. We built a series of demos that showed how to install their products – but we did it with a twist. We used 3D animation to give life to the demonstration. It wasn’t some static series of images, it was an engaging mix of interactive and photo-real animation. They were so well received that they stopped being just sales tools, and started being used throughout all Unirac’s marketing channels, and even in the field.

Since then the relationship has grown, and we’ve worked with Unirac to produce mobile apps, product demos, and print work.

That’s the Rival Schools way. We look at your content needs, and try to optimize what we produce so that it can serve more than one purpose. We add value to your content because production costs are amortized across media channels – from broadcast to print, Web to mobile, sales to support.

Producer: Terry Dee
Modelling: Malcolm Overend
Rendering/Compositing: Neil McBean

Design Direction:  Terry Dee
Designers: Devon Drumm
Copywriting: Crystal Lee

Technology Director: Alfredo Chu
Web Developers: Cam Lee, Jaden Nyberg, Frederik Brummer
Mobile Developers: Sunny Purewal, Dolly Bansal

“I get excited because we’re doing things for our customers that no one else is doing. There is an incredible synergy between Rival Schools and Unirac. They really ‘get it’. When I think of Rival Schools, I think of a great partner.”

– Marcelo Gomez, Marketing Director